Fearful passions

In their reign, the love gods, their arrows shot
Grazed, my heart in your sight bled
every drop bearing your name
But you’re an ocean every sailor dreads
Your depths to me are unknown
Your storms, tales untold

If a dying man’s courage for a moment I should borrow
And the secrets entombed in my heart confess
Will you, carelessly, your ear lend
If I told you of an inferno that in my bosom erupts
Should I confess the pious craves of my debased mind
Will my words in your breast a blaze ignite?

Should my confession to you make my folly known
Afflict me not with indifference
Should cold words in your tongue brew
My innocent ears spare
Lest this world be too small for my shame.


Forbidden delight

Raided like a sleeping foe
Too drowsy to flee, too afraid to fight
Did the arrow drive through or just graze past my heart
I dread to consider

But if this war shall be your campaign
Then your victory is certain for my loss i bespeak
And as my armies retreat
Let not my poor soul know of your strayings
For in the pastures where you stray, I shall be
Drawn by the glimpses I stole in the advent of our war

Ours was a playground though
Until feelings invaded the pitch
As if from the doldrums of deceit to unhitch
Affections thrust us into the afflicted warzone
All the innocence of yesteryears dethroned
Intimacy infested my imaginations
And in the freedom of my thoughts I trod the forbidden pathways

With corrupt reverence, your body did I spy
Arms and shoulders
And everything beneath
thighs to lust for
How apt to press your breast to unleash the beast in you
To spy the crevices of your heart
To explore you limb to limb
Thighs to thighs
Lips to lips to join, exchanging greedy kisses

Freed from fear
To you i cling more closely than your name
For to know the sacred rites of the married
Is the climax of my debased joys
But my mind shall be the cemetery of my imaginations
As fluttering pants struggle to loose words that in my mouth drown
In silent whispers I cry my case
But these walls have ears
Yes to know my secrets alone is a burden
But what shall i say when my eyes shall beam the rays of truth born in the billows of my thought

Among the shadows of the echoes of snoring decency
My ungoverned, tempestuous passions to alarming fury grow
Decency from his slumber must arise
Lest the thunders of passion set us ablaze

Has my heart become the seat of war?
Or in yours like in mine the struggle rages
Your eyes project a truth your mouth repudiates
Deny if you be any wiser
And your words more that mine I shall trust

Has the fall been mine alone?
I have no courage to prosecute my thoughts
But, should you find them guilty
Your pity, repenting, I implore
If you may, foolishly, your grace apply.


a horrid stillness invades the ear

in that silence, a tempest we fear

relentless and restless, bellows toss

in that hour, we lose again what we already lost

shall heavens regards our fate

or on some glorious wing, miracles we create

our mortal quarrels bred in intimate peace

some slender breeze did carry demons that tension did increase

your presence in the absence of trust did i moan

madness took the pulpit, deceit seized the throne

our love grew grey hairs in an instant good old days we had seen

all but distant past they have been

so soon was our portion spent

too busy quarrelling to be content

tossed by ‘fate’, my heart took a pilgrimage

never again to enjoy the gaiety of youth’s age

so swift incertitude settled as if our staying power to tempt

never did you look with love again but sheer contempt

my pilgrimage met your approval

but my voyage would not commence with a carol

you were a storm that our story did deform

an angry tempest never seen before

you cast my shipwrecked vessel on your shore

today i linger on remembering our highs

murmuring a countless goodbyes

as i gaze to the ocean and dare to dream

“someday destiny shall be kind to me” I scream